Our Services

Our rental services mainly include fabric and exhibition carpet installations for exhibitions and events.

We also provide rental services for truss system and other equipment used for exhibitions and events.

Drape Services

We provide drape service consist of a black flame-retardant drape for stage, seat cover, backstage, masking unsightly area and wall curtain.

Stage Blackout Drape

Seat Cover

Backstage Drape

Masking Unsightly Area and Wall Curtain


Exhibition Carpet Sales&Services

We sell and provide exhibition carpet installation and removal services mainly for event and exhibition purposes including plain exhibition carpet (2mm. and 3.5mm.) and ribbed carpet (6mm.).

2mm. Exhibition Carpet 

Available Width-Lenght: 1.5m. x 30m.     Total Area: 45sqm.


3.5mm. Exhibition Carpet 

Available Width-Lenght: 1.5m. x 30m. Total Area: 45sqm. and 2m. x 25m. Total Area: 50sqm.



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